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WoW!! Joint venture Reserve investment in digital assets

 WoW!! Joint venture Reserve investment in digital assets

Saving money makes money to use. But not rich because the ROI is as low as 1-2% per year.

Professors study on transportation return rate (ROI) and read 4 money books (even if the author has news of the lawsuit, ask to learn from what he provided). The four professions are employees, self-employed people, corporations, and businessmen, which everyone wants to be owners or businessmen. But not because it costs a lot of millions.


Master of money saving

  • Savings to Spend: Fundamentals of financial knowledge teach us to get used to saving money to spend time when traveling, buy things from small to large, buy a house, buy a car, buy a mobile. Spinning
  • Saving money for reserve
  • Saving money for the house, down payment, car
  • Saving money for horseback
  • Saving money for safety insurance: You should get insurance to manage your safety, such as car insurance, home insurance, accident and fever.
  • Saving money for rent: To rent it offers a high return on work. High ROI is the key. I try a lot because it helps to add a lot of money in our pockets.

Recommended program: Deposit interest calculator

What is ROI?

ROI stands for calculated profit, ie, calculated profit margin.

The formula is calculated rate of return (ROI) = profit x 100 / currency.

A study of learning ROI, thinking methods and teaching methods that if we take every journey that we teeth there, we can figure out what we should be worth. Both regulations and tables

  • Deposit 1% ROI per year
  • Debt ROI 1-2% per annum
  • Including the ROI since the tea is caught -10% per year
  • Stock ROI since the start of -10% per year
  • Derivative speculative success

From 1-5, which is suitable for people who are businessmen (Investor) and if it is best, should have millions or more and have ROI. The city owes - 10% per year or it is unlikely to exceed 20% per year. Change your traditional investment, let's give a clear example of how you chose this packet.

Ex ..

           You invest in a packet of 3 or Pro Plan for 1,200 USD (1,200 x 30 = 37,000 baht).

It is intended for educational purposes, especially for your children who are in school. When purchasing this packet, the system will calculate the payback and the profit back to the customer on the next day immediately, the system will calculate 5 US (5 x 30 = 150 baht). Deposit and withdraw anytime

   *** Special single packet that returns high profits when it is thought of as a day. Only one packet can be purchased per person.

*** As for leasing / borrowing / buying digital currency / digital assets To profit dividends in the short - medium - long term. In investing with companies such as Startup, Pro, Ex-pro Bitcoin, Etheruem, LiteCoin, we spread the risks for you as well as see. Seeing the break-even point during the short time of investment, investing in saving to get dividends gives an ROI of 50-200% per year.

Do a personal business, open an online selling website (E-Commerce), get a higher ROI than deposit, safety, total index and high price. From doing business failure of the company will receive a return of work at 50- 300% know and exceed millions of sales / year from cross-online business (E-Commerce)

Career is a business that teaches online a lot of businesses.

What steps do investors and marketers take can achieve high results from trial and error training? That's it. It's a rewarding experience.

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