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A crypto coin backed by SCB price surged over 400% in one month !!!

A crypto coin backed by SCB price surged over 400% in one month !!!

Cryptocurrency One backed by one of the oldest bank investment firms in Thailand seems to have seen a price jump of over 400%.

Price data from CoinGecko reveals that Alpha Finance (ALPHA), which previously hit a low of $ 0.02 on Nov. 3, appears to have experienced a sharp jump on Nov. 14. come With that price hitting $ 0.1

Alpha Finance is a platform for decentralized finance (DeFi) that develops an ecosystem for products that are compatible with multiple blockchain applications.

According to Alpha Finance's website, their core feature is helping to drive cross-chain DeFi and cross-chain liquidity with the aim of achieving the best possible returns.

Before the price rises, Alpha Finance Lab announced that they are partnering with SCB 10X, SCB's subsidiary of investment. Or the oldest bank in Thailand itself

Tascha Punyaneramitdee Or the head of the Alpha Finance Lab project has previously said that the SCB 10X collaboration is an attempt to bridge the gap between traditional financial systems and DeFi.

“The SCB 10X is committed to facing new technology with Alpha Finance Labs to create a unique suite of products that can connect both traditional and traditional financial systems. decentralized finance "

Alpha also said that SCB 10X does not just provide advice on legacy financial systems. But can also help find retail customers to enter the DeFi market via fiat on-ramp.

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