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3 DeFi coins that will be giving away free Airdrop to investors and expected even bigger than Uniswap.

3 DeFi coins that will be giving away free Airdrop to investors and expected even bigger than Uniswap.

Leading crypto analyst Tyler Swope has released three cryptocurrencies that will soon be gaining an airdrop to users, and are expected to be even bigger than Uniswap.

According to a live broadcast on his YouTube channel, Swope stated that he is keeping an eye on the Badger DAO project's Honey Badger coin that will soon airdrop. Users are accelerating the adoption of BTC in the industry. With more decentralized finance (DeFi), Swope said anyone who fulfills the developer conditions will receive a free airdrop.

“Most of us in this group were able to claim this airdrop. I already made a claim because I got the conditions that they set. The more you follow it I think you will only get a lot. But I'm not 100% sure…

Right now there are about 20-22 conditions which are participation in SUSHI governance, borrowing wBTC coins on Compound, being a member of MetaCartel DAO, depositing and borrowing wBTC on Aave, participating in the system. yearn. Easy to wBTC and ETH pool on Balancer, lend or borrow wBTC coins on Maker, donate to Gitcoin so I'm pretty sure some of you have started doing it By providing wBTC and ETH pool liquidity on Uniswap, being a member of the dOrg DAO, and you've either created tBTC or you joined Harvest.Finacne governance "

Swope also mentioned the airdrop of the Sora Network (XOR) VAL token, which at the moment, he says, is $ 4 per coin.

“Traditionally, all ERC-20 SORA coin holders are going to have to move to SORA v2 mainnet, which they say will take place between December 2020 and February 2021… Actually, 94.57 VAL will be. The airdrop was released at the ratio of the XOR ERC-20 coin that users held during the first year of the SORA V2 network launch, where they would not distribute all the coins all at once, but would gradually distribute them throughout the year. We are pretty sure some of those coins will be airdrop, so a big airdrop might happen this month. ”

Another coin that Swope revealed to have had an airdrop that appears to have originated from dYdX, a cryptocurrency exchange. Decentralized borrowing pools are used to facilitate margin trading, said Antonio Juliano, the founder of the exchange, said he was looking for a way to distribute airdrop to traders. Future of the platform

“I think this is going to be something bigger than people can imagine. Because it is one of the protocols that I see as coming. And will help push the crypto industry forward Among the more stringent laws around crypto and that is dYdX.

They have big backs like Andreessen Horowitz, I think Coinbase has also joined. I thought I would go in and try it for a while with dYdX as well. But not even into the crazy margin trade But just try it with a few things, maybe it's just a way to add liquidity to the pool. "

However, Mr Swope said the dYdX airdrop does not have a specific date and time as to when. Which will have to wait and see

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