What is IEO Crypto?

What is an IEO? As you can guess from the name, the IEO offers tokens through an intermediate exchange, which is a huge exchange. Not for ICO direct investors

On the public ICO, anyone can participate, but in the IEO, only members of the designated exchange can purchase tokens. That is, there are only few conditions. By participating in the purchase if you are interested in a specific coin so it does not create any obstacles. For small investors

A new type of funding, IEO (Inital Exchange Offerings), is a fundraising extension from the ICO.Originally, projects that wanted to raise funds were announced through their own website, but the IEO was funded. At the crypto trading website that the project is cooperating with This makes it more reliable. The main function of an IEO is that a project produces and sends coins to be sold to the agreed trading site. And when the fundraising is actually opened Crypto trading website users will go in to buy coins of that project again.

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Ample Ai-Energy ​​Digital Asset Buy / Sell Market Returns Investment

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